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Nucalix Bio

Logo Design


I designed the logo for Nucalix Bio, a biotech venture that aims at bringing innovation and accessibility to the vaccine and medicine industry. The goal was to create a simple, modern logo that communicated the themes of technology and medicine. I worked with the client through several rounds of treatments and edits through to 

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 3.51.32 PM.png

As presented to the client: "The approach involved balancing the very clean and simple style used by tech and medical companies with a bright and unique design that would set itself apart. The logo consists of a syringe inside of a droplet shape, all inside of a circle. The droplet can be representative of the liquid vaccines that are administered through the syringe. However since the droplet is upside down it can also represent a pin shape which is used by many tech companies to indicate specific points on a map. This shape's association with maps and location can speak to the global view of Nucalix. The circle encompassing the rest of the logo loosely represents a globe further establishing the global view of the company. The droplet shape and the circle together also look like a sphere that has a portion of it cut out, with the syringe laying safely inside. This creates the sense that the syringe (and vaccines as a whole) are vital and must be protected."


Graphic Design

3D, Motion, and Other Cool Stuff

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