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Non-Binary Solutions

Graphic Design for Social Media

Adobe Illustrator

Header Image

Non-Binary solutions is a behavioral analysis therapy consulting firm. They company needed a designer to provide clean, simple, and modern graphics for social media that fit within the branding for the company.

Banner Image 1
Banner Image 2
Banner Image 3
Systems Flow Graphic
Systems Flow Mock Up
Systems Flow Original Graphic

The client requested an existing graphic be recreated and updated. The image was a flow chart that contained a lot of information and illustrated a complex system. The old version of the graphic was confusing and stylistically inconsistent. The updated graphic communicates the same information in a cleaner and clearer way that aligns with the Non-Binary Solutions' branding.

Original graphic

Scientific Method Graphic
Scientific Method Mock Up
Scientific Method original graphic

Original graphic

QoL Graphic

A graphic illustrating the concept that "Quality of Life" and "Risk" are two sides of the same coin.

Graphic Design

3D, Motion, and Other Cool Stuff

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