Free Real Estate

VR Game / Performance

Free Real Estate is a VR game/performance and hyperbolized simulation of the history of human development over the course of 6 minutes. The player is able to generate familiar objects in the environment around them as they go through three 2-minute "stages". The objects the player can generate change with each stage, reflecting later stages of human development and further advancements in technology.​


We wanted the environment to change and reflect the increase in human activity by fading from a lush green to a desolate brown over the course of the simulation. Similarly, the atmosphere also gradually becomes thick with smog.

I codeveloped Free Real Estate with Kai Watanabe in Unity. All the models used were pulled from the Unity Asset Store and not our original models.


The experience results in the player becoming submerged in an overdeveloped and claustrophobic world of their own creation, a commentary on the history of unchecked growth and development throughout humanity, particularly since the Industrial Revolution.​​