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Blurred Lines

Multimedia Sculpture


In Blurred Lines I combined 3D sculptures and 2D projections to form a multimedia work that blurs the lines between physical dimensions. While the wooden sculptures have slight depth, overlaid projections elevate this effect of dimensionality, creating an illusion that makes it difficult for the viewer to distinguish between what is physical and what is projected light. The digitally augmented depth also becomes distorted and exaggerated to varying degrees depending on the perspective of the viewer. Blurred Lines highlights the ever increasing difficulty to distinguish between the digital and physical world, exploring the application of this concept to the dimensionality of space. The project was installed at the New Wight Gallery in January 2020 and exhibited in "Migration".


The sculptures are designed in Illustrator, cut with a CNC machine, and glued together. Each sculpture is 16x16x2 inches and is comprised of 8 layers of 1/2 inch thick birchwood. The full mounted sculpture is 4x4 feet.

IMG_4214 copy.jpg

This is the cut map for the CNC machine for one of the sculptures.


This short video shows the process of translating the animation from the screen to the sculpture.

I made the animation with After Effects and designed it to be exactly proportionate to the sculptures. I then projection mapped onto the sculptures using MadMapper. The animations consist of a ~5 minute loop of various geometric movement playing with lighting, depth, scale, and dimension. Music in the video below is an original composition by David Marcus.

Graphic Design

3D, Motion, and Other Cool Stuff

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