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In-House Graphic Designer


As a graphic designer for ASUCLA I worked with the marketing department to produce design assets for entities across UCLA's campus such as restaurants, coffeeshops, textbook stores, and retail stores. The position required adhering to many formatting and branding guidelines such as consistent use and placement of official logos, following official color guidelines, and designing for various sizes and applications. Common projects included designing for; posters, signage, social media content, email blasts, and website content.


UCLA Store - Wall Art Design


This mural was designed in Illustrator for the UCLA Store. The store manager wanted a design that was inspiring and gave students a sense of pride in their campus. I chose to illustrate a scenic and symmetrical view that included some of the most iconic landmarks of UCLA. A bright golden sun shines over the scene creating a visual metaphor for the UC motto, "Fiat Lux" or "Let There Be Light". I also converted this graphic into a 30 second looping animation to be used by students and faculty as a Zoom background.


Valentine's Day Campaign


ASUCLA is always working on various marketing campaigns that span across print, social, and web. From holidays to sports seasons and much more, I created posters, merchandise, and social media content for a large range of campaigns. The following work is from the 2020 Valentine's Day campaign.

UCLA Store Sales Event Poster Design


Original T-Shirt Artwork & Color/Form Studies


Valentine T-Shirt Promotional Poster Design

22 x 28 in.

Valentine Mockup 1
Bruin Love Graphic 1
Color / Form Study 1
Color / Form Study 2
Bruin Love Graphic 2
Valentine Mockup 2

Graphic Design

3D, Motion, & Other Cool Stuff

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